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Ashley Alden and her dog Forrest

Meet Ashley 

Like many animal lovers, my dream was to work with pets. I considered being a veterinarian, but quickly discovered I couldn't hack it.

I gave up on my dreams and decided to pursue human medicine instead.


After college and a bit of traveling, I jumped in to a "big girl" job doing clinical research at a military hospital. I enjoyed my job, but felt like I was living a double life.

I'd wake up at 5:30 am, let my dogs out, hustle to work battling the I-5N commute, spend 8 hours per day working with human patients and rush home to spend any remaining time with my dogs and foster dogs. 

Back then, I was heavily involved in dog rescue and always seemed to end up with the behaviorally challenged pups who needed extra TLC before being adopted. 

Every minute of my "spare" time was spent training, playing, transporting, networking, and yah know, cuddling these foster dogs. 

The more experienced I got at fostering, the more challenging the dogs I'd be asked to take on were - and I finally admitted to myself that I needed a bit more education if I was going to help them.

Some of these dogs drug me down the sidewalk. One of them barked all day and night no matter what I did, earning me a nasty note on my front door from a neighbor. One of these dogs attacked other dogs. One of these dogs had separation anxiety. Many of these dogs barked and lunged at other dogs and even people while on leash. The stories I could tell you!

I applied, and was accepted to, the Northwest School of Canine studies and haven't stopped learning since!

My mission is to utilize my unique experiences fostering over 200 dogs, coupled with my love of learning and knowledge, to bring my clients the absolute best solutions to their dog's behavior challenges, whatever they may be.  


Northwest School of Canine Studies, 2018

Certificate in Canine Studies (CCS)

Peninsula School for Dog Trainers, 2022

Peninsula School for Dog Trainers - Assessed (PSDT-A)

2022 L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation® Professional Course, Kim Brophey

Family Dog Mediator (FDM)

Continuing Education:

2019 APDT Conference, Portland OR

2019 Aggression & Bite Prevention Education Summit, Portland OR

2020 Play as the Way with GRC Dogsports founder Jay Jack, Snohomish WA

2020 Aggression in Dogs Conference, virtual

2021 Meagan Karnes Spring VIP Dog Training Retreat, Sequim WA

2021 Master Course - Aggression in Dogs
Michael Shikashio

2021 Pet Harmony Enrichment Master Class

2021 Meagan Karnes Fall Dog Training Retreat, Sequim WA

2021 Slow Thinking is Lifesaving for Dogs™, Laura Donaldson

2021 Aggression in Dogs Conference, virtual

2021 Toy Play and Cue Markers (Day 1), Shade Whitesel

2022 Play as the Way, Jay Jack, Vancouver WA

2024 The Dog Driven Search Seminar, Sue Sternberg & Dana Zinn


2024 Intro to CARAT - February 2024 - Suzanne Clothier 

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