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Have you ever been embarrassed by your dog's behavior? 

Did Fido jump on grandma and knock her over the moment she walked in the door?

Does Lucy start barking and spinning around like a tornado when she spots another dog on a walk?

Does Buster bowl over dogs and children at the park like it's his full-time job?

Does Bella jump up and start nipping your clothes, arms, or leash when you're trying to enjoy a peaceful walk?

Did Hank get scared and bite someone when they tried to pet him?

You've come to the right place, I can help!

What if I told you your dog isn't broken, naughty, or stubborn?

What if I told you I could help you have a better relationship with your dog by playing some simple games with them a few times a day? 

If you've been struggling with your dog's behavior and need a little (or a lot of) help, I'm your gal. 

With over 10 years of dog training and behavior experience and a lot of schooling under my belt, I am well-equipped to help you and your dog live a better, less frustrating life together. 

I've been there

I've been the person who had a 115 lb Great Dane on a training collar who was STILL pulling me down the street. I've been the person whose dog does not like strangers and growls and barks at anyone who tried to touch her, despite doing "everything right" raising her. Not only that, but I've fostered the dog who attacked a puppy over a watermelon rind. I've been the person standing on the beach screaming for a dog as they run further and further away from me. You're not alone. In fact, millions of folks struggle with their dog's behavioral challenges to a varying degree. I can help!

What types of things will my dog learn?

You and your dog will learn how to communicate with one another. Once you know how to do that, the sky is the limit! We can teach basic skills like "Sit", "Down", "Stay", and "Come." As well as be able to help them feel more comfortable and relaxed around things that excite or scare them. 

Where does the training happen?

I will come to your home/neighborhood or meet you at a local park near Olympia, Washington or the surrounding areas. This way, your dog is learning new skills in the places they actually spend most of their time. (See service area map below)

Service Areas

Who does the training?

I coach you to train your dog. The benefit of this is your dog will learn to listen to and trust you as their handler. This makes training much more clear to the dog, since they only need to learn you and your families handling style and not mine as well. It also helps develop a strong, lasting bond with your canine companion.

How much will it cost?

Basic behavior consultations start at $125 and advanced behavior consultations start at $175 with reduced per-session pricing if you purchase a package.

Online options

If you're interested in working with me but don't live close enough, have no fear! I also offer virtual consultations and lessons. Thanks to COVID-19 we found out that we really can, and should help some clients remotely. Contact me today to see if you're a candidate for virtual sessions in the comfort of your own home. 

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