Attention valued clients: Ashley will be out of town from March 6th, 2022 until early June 2022. In-person appointments will be limited during this time - virtual appointments available by request

Bullishly Brilliant Behavior and Training

Owned and operated by Ashley Alden, CCS (Certificate in Canine Studies from The Northwest School of Canine Studies), FDM (Family Dog Mediator®) 


Bullishly Brilliant Behavior and Training LLC offers dog training and behavior modification services in the traditional territories of the Coast Salish people (Thurston County, Washington) and greater Olympia, Washington areas. 

At Bullishly Brilliant, we utilize LIMA, the humane hierarchy, and progressive reinforcement training and behavior modification methods. These methods take both your dog's physical and mental well-being into consideration. We believe learning new skills should be fun and modifying behavior should not be scary or painful.


We understand that each dog is an individual and there is no single training method that works for all dogs. This does not translate to "some dogs need a heavier hand or a harsher training collar." What it means, is that it's imperative to identify and apply each dog's unique internal and external motivators (including their L.E.G.S.®) to help them succeed in a human society - whatever that means for you as their guardian!  Once those areas have been identified, and we are sure their needs are being met, we can open up clear communication channels and establish a lasting bond between humans and canines.

No matter what behavioral challenge your dog is currently facing, we can help.

This may include teaching you to:

  • manage your environment to best set your dog up for success

  • assisting with determining what is motivating/reinforcing a certain behavior and how to best modify it

  • coaching you to teach your dog new skills

  • teaching your dog how to slow down their brain, breathe, and relax

  • and so much more!

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